Unified Time System

One of the primary inputs for integrated cooperating systems is usually a single time system synchronized with a DCF (GPS) radio signal. Accurate time information is considered one of the most important commercial information, so these systems are used in public spaces and buildings as well as in school and medical facilities and industrial buildings.

Time synchronization mainly affects processes that require compliance of multiple activities of cooperating objects. Unified time systems are also used as a reference time for determining the basic time base. The system consists of a central unit that sends synchronization information to time indicators or other devices requiring coordinated action. Despite the relativity of this quantity, great attention is paid to time and its accurate presentation.

Installations of uniform time systems are applied within the implementation of low-current distribution systems. Several renowned manufacturers have these systems in their portfolio, thanks to which it is possible to put into practice any design of a customer solution, from simple analog clocks to sophisticated LED display systems.