Fire and evacuation radio, sound system

The sound system of the premises, together with other security systems, such as EPS, primarily serves to ensure safe evacuation and protection of property on large buildings in any danger. The system must comply with the legal standard, which sets out technical requirements for fire safety in the construction and use of buildings in which the movement of more than 200 people is expected.

The fire and evacuation radio communicates with the fire control panel resp. another alarm device. It enables the routing of the message to the affected part of the building, the control of the evacuation of persons with regard to the safe leaving of the dangerous part of the building. The most modern systems integrate their functionality into building protection systems (EZS, EPS, SKV) on the basis of their digital interconnection and widely programmable control units of the sound system and complex superior systems (C4, SBI, etc).

In the commercial sphere, professional sound is used in public spaces for the commercial broadcasting, entertainment programs, music, and for occasional announcements of airports, congress halls, hotels and hypermarkets. The commercial sound system of the building is designed according to detailed calculations and designs through special software based on the shape, nature of the location and materials used in the building.

A special area is the open space sound system within the framework of early warning systems in the vicinity of buildings in need of operation of such systems and in the field of civil protection.
The condition of a quality sound system is the previous experience and professional prerequisites. IQ Group implements sound systems from project through construction to subsequent service and maintenance. For the evacuation radio project, the design and implementation is based on the requirements of the Fire Report and requires close cooperation with the safety forces on the part of the construction designer.