Electric fire alarm

The EPS system monitors and evaluates possible risks of the fire situation in protected buildings. It serves to protect people and property and to prevent life-threatening situations. Optical-smoke, thermal, push-button or other sensors are installed in the buildings, which react to the occurrence of a fire and signal danger acoustically or optically by means of warning devices (sirens and beacons). If the control panel evaluates the occurrence of a fire, it informs the persons designated to carry out the intervention, activates fire extinguishers, evacuation radios, smoke dampers, controls fire doors and other devices preventing the spread of fire.

The design and installation of the EPS system is carried out in such a way that it communicates with the systems and related equipment in the building, with which it forms a single functional unit to minimize the risk to property and persons. Design and implementation of electrical fire alarms according to current standards.

EPS systems can be, together with a number of other security and warning systems, integrated into a superior system, whose task is to collect all messages, monitor the status of all technological, electronic and electrical equipment of buildings and structures.
Sufficient experience in this field is necessary for quality design, project and implementation of EPS according to operational and legislative requirements. Our most common implementations are located in office buildings, industrial halls and residential buildings. The need for an EPS application is defined by the Fire Report, an integral part of each project of the above objects. Operation of EPS systems requires constant inspection of installed equipment in accordance with applicable legislation.