The access system controls

The access system controls the movement of people in the building according to specific  pre-set parameters. The systems can be set up to monitor access to individual areas depending on the rights of persons. Control and monitoring devices (turnstiles, gates, barriers, readers) receive instructions via contactless chip cards, chip keys, biometric data, voice or other input. The information is processed on the basis of verification of a code sample assigned to individual persons whose movement is expected in the building.

The system can be operated either independently or within an integrated security system connected to the burglar alarm, CCTV, M&R or EPS equipment.

The application has functions such as controlled turnstiles, gates and barriers, timers, reading funds from the card account, locker locker, opening door locks. All arrivals and departures of people to the workplace are recorded. Along with the time of transit, its type is also registered (arrival and departure to work, departure to the doctor, respectively return, business departure and arrival, private interruption of working hours, and others). The system thus eliminates time-consuming and costly manual processing of data on hours actually worked and enables automatic connection with other information systems (human resources and payroll processing).

Access and attendance systems find the main use both in administrative buildings, public administration and in companies with the need for accurate records of the movement of people in the workplace. The concept of the system solution therefore requires a detailed knowledge of the operating habits and needs of the institution and work with some models of mathematics and logic. IQ Group cooperates with suppliers providing open and comprehensive solutions, certified by tax and security legislative entities.