Electronic security systems (PSN)

Electronic security systems, respectively alarm systems for reporting PSN violations are used for electronic protection of buildings and property against intruders (burglary, sabotage and protection of building workers from attack). They reliably respond to the movement of unauthorized persons, signal the place of violation of the protected system and immediately ensure the transmission of information to the organization, ensuring the protection of the object.

In case of disturbance, the control panel triggers an alarm using local or remote detectors, or activates external devices, such as video system recording equipment, electromechanical barriers, etc. PSN is not a purely isolated system, but it can be used in cooperation with other building protection systems – such as CCTV, EPS, attendance system, etc. The sensor used is a motion sensor, glass break detector, destructive noise sensor, magnetic contact, emergency button, smoke detector, flammable gas detector, flood detector, or shock detectors. EZS is currently a standard and integral part of building protection not only in the commercial but also in the private residential sector due to the ever-growing need for consistent protection of tangible assets, data and data. We provide our customers with a quality input risk analysis of the building as well as a professionally prepared implementation project, delivery, installation, recovery and complete equipment service. In our systems, we pay attention to the use of technological innovations and compliance with the requirements of applicable regulations and standards.

Integrated security systems

Integrated security systems are designed on the basis of knowledge of individual areas of security technology and its application in practice. Particularly sensitive objects must be effectively protected against any interference from the outside. The requirement thus defined requires the integration of several security technologies into one cooperating unit providing uniform real information about the state of the object. Individual systems actively respond to disturbance states, ie. an adequate response is made with each action. Integrated systems containing burglar alarms, perimeter barriers, CCTV, access system, EPS, etc. are used here.

The condition for the correct setting of an integrated system of this type is perfect practical knowledge of individual parts and constant contact with the latest technologies and knowledge from the field.

Based on many years of experience, IQ Group implements integrated security systems for the most demanding investors in the field of departments and private residences. Continuous education and acquisition of new information in this area is a matter of course.