Branch exchanges and communication systems

One of the most important and daily used components of all types of residential, office and industrial premises is undoubtedly the telephone system. The current rapid development in the field of telecommunication technologies brings  new requirements to which is necessary to respond flexibly. These are systems with significant savings in operating costs of telephone and fax communications and systems of private data networks enabling voice transmission.

This eliminates the need to build parallel telephone cabling. Each project requires an individual solution based on ISDN, GSM, DECT technologies, etc. It is possible to use, for example, systems with automatic selection of the most advantageous operator, systems enabling the connection of branch exchanges in different locations into one system, etc.

The telephone system can thus be built either on the basis of a traditional telephone exchange or by using data networks. Data network technology (VoIP) is recommended for companies that consist of multiple workplaces in the country or abroad. It enables interconnection of telephone exchanges of individual branches, internal company communication, communication between remote branches via a data WAN network and, if a suitable gateway is used, also telephony in an external network.

A special category are intercall systems, usually used in the hotel or healthcare sector as well as in large government buildings.
The majority of installations are currently covered by the equipment of the world’s leading producers in this sector, who are able to meet the requirements of even large clustered exchanges. IQ Group Czech Plc. provides practical experience and regular training in this area, design and implement customer solutions with an advantageous price / performance ratio in favor of functionality.